Fort Worth, United States
Anyone up for a week trip on may 26 to June 4 To Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - San Diego - LA - Hollywood - San Jose - San Francisco Flying to Vegas seeing multiple resorts and Fremont street then drive to the grand canyon Arizona for sight seeing and hiking then go back to Vegas From there drive through Mojave desert all the way to San Diego to visit the bay, museums, the Seaport, the parks Then from there head to Disney and and take a whole day tour of rides, entertainment From there head to Los Angeles to visit Griffith Park Hollywood, film studios, universal studios Park, beverly Hills, hall of fame museums, Hollywood Blvd Then from there drive through CA-1 to witness the coast ride and make multiple stops including a historic castle in San Simeon, silicon Valley, San Jose then go through San Francisco, history, food places, China town, parks, landscapes, pier39 and more Fly back to DFW You don't need to be from dfw as we can meet in Vegas, I have a whole self made guide of all the stops, checklist, expenses, gas stops You need to be able to drive, no drinking while driving, drink anytime.except when driving And definitely no drugs We must meet before going there if you are local so I can see if you are a fit, if you are not in dfw then we can make a Skype call to talk

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