Spain, Spain
Hey everyone,<BR>I'm looking to do a long-haul hike and haven't been able to convince any of my friends to join me, Im willing to start in 1st of August and Im looking to do a long tour of Europe whilst spending the least amount of money possible, I'm looking for somebody to join me on this adventure, though not all will be up to the task.<BR><BR>Whilst everything is totally flexible, the thought so far is to camp wildly, in woods, forests. And Im hoping to find some places to volunteer for a few days every now and then, so we can get a good bed and some decent food for a while. so we will go around Europe see some of the most beautiful sights across It and meet fantastic new people .<BR><BR>though the time it takes is obviously flexible and we obviously don't necessarily have to visit every country in Europe!<BR><BR>I'm a friendly and outgoing type of person and I'm looking for a tenacious spirit with a good sense of humour. Any age or gender is absolutely fine with me <BR><BR>If you’re up to this please message or if you know people who are guide me to them.

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