Bali, Indonesia
Hi guys!<BR><BR>I'm Von, 28, from Dubai and traveling to Bali on 28 September to 15 October. This trip is not my first to Bali I been there on Feb this year and it was very short and I didn’t explore much, so I have done some research and find out that there is a lot of amazing things to do!!!. <BR><BR>I'm considering renting a scooter for touring the island in (Kuta, Ubud, seminyak) the first 3 or 4 days, I have no fixed plan, just things I wanna do and see, as I said I have done my homework this time and the following are some of the things I want to do<BR><BR>1. Explore life underground: Gala-Gala and Uluwatu Beach<BR><BR>2. Try the best Luwak Coffee<BR><BR>3. Visit a traditional healer<BR><BR>4. Learn to ride the waves<BR><BR>5. Visit Waterbom<BR><BR>6. Try flyboarding at Nusa Dua<BR><BR>7. The Ubud Art Market<BR><BR>8. Visit Ulun Danu Temple<BR><BR>9. Spend time with the monkeys at Monkey Forest<BR><BR>10. Climb Mount Batur<BR><BR>11. Go white water rafting on Ayung River<BR><BR>12. Enjoy some luxury in Nusa Dua beaches <BR><BR>13. Go wreck diving at Tulamben<BR><BR>14. Discover a hidden waterfall in Sukawati<BR><BR>15. Goooo to Gili island <BR><BR>16. And more and more and more :D<BR><BR>So: I am searching for a travel buddy to share those travel memories good and bad ;) Let's rent a scooter together and enjoy the amazing please<BR><BR>Yeah, that's it so far. I guess I forgot some things :D<BR>

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