Istanbul, Turkey
European part is always costly. Try to accommodate yourself on Asian part. In European part good hotels at all budget are available. You can stay near to airport but have to pay more. Lot many places to visit that you can find out in google. <BR><BR>Transportation through tram 🚊 and metro 🚇 are the cheapest. You can buy tram card at the station.<BR><BR>You can buy traditional items from Grand Bazar but be observant, negotiation will help you up to buy at lower price.<BR><BR>Be aware of fraud and pimps who are available every where, specially at night Club. One of my friend had to pay 350 euro 💶 for four beers 🍻. Must set the price before you take.<BR><BR>Don’t believe anyone who come to help you voluntarily. <BR><BR>Book hotel online beforehand. It’ll give you flexibility and comfort. <BR><BR>Enjoy Istanbul 😀😀😀😀

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