Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea
I finally got the time to write something about my experience in Seoul!<BR><BR>It was my first time to encounter winter season!<BR><BR>It surely was fun.<BR><BR>The coldest it got was -11. It was too much but it’s what I was looking for.<BR><BR>Places to visit:<BR><BR>Myeongdong and Hongdae for shopping.<BR><BR>Taewon for night life.<BR><BR>N Seoul Tower for a great view of Seoul.<BR><BR>Everland for kids at heart :) Just make sure to bring your passport with you as they have a special discount for foreigners. I paid $43 for the entrance fee. It was worth it.<BR><BR>Things to know:<BR><BR>Purchase a T Money card from the airport and put some credits on it from any convenience store. You can use on their subway and busses.<BR><BR>Their subway is pretty awesome! You can transfer from one station to another. It closes at 11:45 pm.<BR><BR>Overall experience was great. Planning to go back in Spring! 😉

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