Moscow, Russia
Nice Moscow’s cafes:<BR><BR>1. Double b - so good coffee <BR><BR>2. Cezve coffee in Muzeon Park<BR><BR>3. Laf lafel - Israel&indian food <BR><BR>4. Moscow Deli in Patriarch Ponds - only in the evening - beautiful cosy and so tasty (only cash accept!!!) <BR><BR>5. Bontempi pinzetta - best Italian food in Moscow in very nice location near our church in Russia and Pushkins museum <BR><BR>6. Surf coffee - nice coffee shop with best atmosphere inside - you can find it in Mysnitckaya street (nice for walking) and Noviy Arbat (near Stariy Arbat - famous pedestrian street, but I don't like it) <BR><BR>7. Cafe Garage inside "Garage contemporary art gallery" in Gorky Park<BR><BR>8. Creative clusters ? - Artplay, Vinzavod, Flacon, Hlebzavod - in every place you can find nice food, showrooms of local designers, coworking areas and creative atmosphere<BR><BR>9. Street food markets - Danilovskiy market, Usachevski market (near with wonderful Novodevichiy pond!)

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