Jakarta, Indonesia
there’s a couple things that might useful for you if you visit jakarta.<BR><BR>1. there’s two apps you’ll find it very handy for cheap transportation (go-jek and grab). or you could go with normal taxi, bluebird is the company’s name.<BR><BR>2. tons of rooms available in jakarta, from peanut (like about $20/day or even cheaper) to caviar (like about $1000ish/day). use a local app (traveloka) to find it, or you can also use airbnb, agoda. etc. personal advice, choose south jakarta<BR><BR>3. if you’re into shopping, one cheap and convenient mall is mal kasablanka, where you still can find a $3 shirt, famous also for it’s factory outlets<BR><BR>4. decent lunch can be as cheap as $3 with drink, no tips needed. if you’re on a budget, eat local food for $1 with free water (nasi goreng on street merchant)

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